2005-09-22 / Other News

Seddio Appointed To New Surrogate Court Judge Post

By Charles Rogers

Assemblyman Frank Seddio, who has represented Canarsie and the surrounding local communities in the State Legislature for the past seven years, will resign that post to become a surrogate judge, he announced this week. The position will become effective on January 1, 2006.

Seddio’s seat in the Assembly will be decided in a special election in February, at which time a choice will be made to temporarily fill the position until the general election in November.

Seddio officially made the announce-ment as he attended various civic association meetings this week and told the Canarsie Courier exclusively that it is “a sad departure” he is undertaking.

“I’ve been a Canarsien all my life,” he said. “I took this position in the Legislature in order to help my community — and it has been my pleasure to do so. I hope to think I’ve made some impact.”

The legislator cited an editorial in Monday’s Daily News as being “very upsetting,” but “all wrong” when they said he was appointed by Democratic “boss” Clarence Norman. He said his upcoming judgeship had been agreed upon by both Democrats and Republi-cans.

He said he would give his new position “a completely fresh outlook.” He would hold the post for at least a 12 year term and will give up his current law practice.

Seddio said Alan Maisel, his aide and current president of the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, would “probably” be proposed as a candidate in the special election to fill the temporary Assembly position.

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