2005-09-22 / Medical

Hubby Health Care Spotlighted

Photo by Kathryn Kirk
Photo by Kathryn Kirk A man is three times as likely as a woman to die of AIDS, almost twice as likely to die from heart disease, and almost 30% more likely to die from some form of cancer. And despite the fact that when it comes to these diseases, prevention and early detection can save lives, not enough men make health care a priority.

To combat this alarming trend, on Tuesday, Borough President Marty Markowitz, with his wife Jamie at his side (see below), along with over a dozen Brooklyn hospitals and health care providers announced the details of Take Your Man to the Doctor Week , an innovative public health campaign that officially begins September 26.

Take Your Man to the Doctor Week - He’ll Live to Love You Longer is a call to action for men of all ages, ethnicities, and social standing to regularly visit a doctor and for the women who love them to make it happen. There is a huge disparity in doctor visitation between men and women, and statistics show that men are more likely to visit with the encouragement of a loved one.

Free screenings for asthma, blood pressure, colorectal cancer, cholesterol, diabetes and other conditions, along with important health information will be available at all participating hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices from September 26—October 2. Participating Brooklyn YMCA’s will offer guest passes.

Call 1-718-802-3875 or visit www.brooklyn-usa.org for a complete listing of free health screening services and all participating hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices.

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