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Letters To The Editor


Editor’s note: A copy of the following letter was sent to the Canarsie Courier for publication.

Mary Ann Sallustro, President

South Canarsie Civic Assn.

Dear Mrs. Sallustro:

I am in receipt of your September 6 mailing, which concludes with what I perceive as a rather bizarre statement: “Vote Accordingly. The Fiddle is Broken!”

It appears to me that the intent and purpose of this statement was to dissuade recipients from voting in favor of Councilman Lewis Fidler’s reelection. You are presumably unaware that Councilman Fidler, who, prior to his election to the Council, served as the chairman of the Wyckoff House and Association’s Museum Advisory Board, is a valued friend and colleague of mine, and has been for numerous years. Councilman Fidler has not only served as a staunch advocate for the Wyckoff House Museum, but he and numerous members of his staff has repeatedly extended themselves to assist me in my efforts to preserve other aspects of Canarsie’s history. In fact, I was recently asked to join other local civic leaders in signing a letter endorsing Councilman Fidler’s bid for reelection, and I considered it an honor and a privilege.

Presuming that my interpretation of the said statement is indeed correct, please consider this letter my resignation as an honorary member of your organization’s Board of Directors, and my request that my name immediately be deleted from its letterhead, as well as from all other material associated with your organization.

I wish you all the best in your ongoing efforts. However, given that which has recently transpired, I regret that I can no longer hold a position in your organization that such position is of an honorary nature notwithstanding. Moreover, I must question whether it is appropriate for your organization, which presumably has not-for-profit status, to publicly take a position in matters of a partisan political nature.

I trust that the foregoing will make my position eminently clear.

Very truly yours,

Ira M. Kluger

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