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Curves Can Turn Women’s Bulges Into Shapely Trimmings

By Melissa Favara

LouisRoberts and Trish Roberts
LouisRoberts and Trish Roberts Are you a woman who wants to shed a few pesky pounds?

Curves, at 383 Remsen Avenue off of Kings High-way, has a perfect and easy stretch and aerobics workout designed to fit not only your body, but your schedule too.

If you’re new to Curves, the trained staff will provide you with a figure analysis measuring body fat and weight. If you decide to join, they ask that you make a commitment to come at least three times a week and give you a key tag to scan in each time you arrive to keep track of attendance. After being re-weighed and measured at the end of each month, you will receive a monthly report with your improvement results.

Curves specializes in a 30-minute workout that, done only a few times a week, shows great results and weight loss. After essential stretching, which in-creases muscle development by 19 percent, women begin a workout combination of resistance training and cardio exercise that protects muscles, increases me-tabolism and burns fat.

Equipped with hydraulic resistance machines built to fit a woman, the routine involves 30 seconds (the ideal time to fatigue a muscle) per machine before moving on to the next exercise. The machines are in order of the two opposing muscle groups: upper and lower body. In between each machine is a shock absorption recovery station where the body stays in motion but gives other areas a minute and a half to replenish.

Each week that members attend three or more times, they receive $3 in Curves cash to be used on any of their merchandise. At no charge, members will receive Diane , a quarterly magazine named for the founders of Curves. As a member, you can use any of Curves’ 8,000 locations.

Previously only available to members, next month Curves is opening their weight management program to the public. For $69, you will receive a two-month supply of Curves’ protein shake for weight loss, one month’s supply of multi-vitamin mineral supplements along with a member guide detailing the diet plan. Incentives to join this eight-session class include a free tee shirt after the fourth week and a free tote bag after the sixth.

The cost is $40 a month plus a one-time, $149 sign up fee. The weight management program is an additional $69 and if you decide to do both, you may be eligible to waive the sign up fee. Promotions may vary.

Curves also offers a wide variety of premium dietary supplements, designed for women’s special needs. Supplements include the Complete Biomulti-ple, the Bioavailable Calcium, Joint and Connective Tissue Support, Herbal Fem Support, PMS Formula and Glucose Management. Curves recommends the Meal Replacement Drink, a soy protein shake to help reach your full potential.

Trish Roberts, owner of the Remsen Avenue Curves franchise, tries to get the women who come to her fitness center involved in activities as well. She mixes up the music with a range of 70’s and 80’s or Carib-bean and Salsa. Each month they have a raffle and winners enjoy a small reward. On Saturday, Roberts is hosting a picnic at Prospect Park at 3:00 pm. There will also be a movie theater walk on Friday, August 27th to the Bam Rose Cinema in Park Slope.

Roberts says, “Muscle doesn’t giggle, ladies!” and urges everyone to come to her center and see what Curves is all about. The Remsen Avenue site is open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm.

For more information, call Roberts at 718-495-9500. She is a friendly and supportive woman ready to get your health improvement program started.

Put your trust in Curves and “discover the power to amaze yourself.”

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