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69th Precinct Council Baseball’s All-Stars Face Off

The cream of the crop played in last week’s All-Star game.
The cream of the crop played in last week’s All-Star game. On August 10, the 69th Precinct Community Council Baseball Program had their annual All-Star game featuring the league’s very best players competing in an event that brings out emotions, excitement, and a whole lot of spectators.

The Farm Team All-Stars contest was a hard-fought game. The Red Team pulled this one out by a score of 10 - 9 to add another chapter to the history books of this long standing league. The Minors’All-Stars was also a terrific contest.

Two days earlier, there was some incredible action. The Farm Division heated up in anticipation of Wedne-sday’s All-Star game. Davrin Faison Sr.’s team had some real big players. Malik Jenkins hit a homerun and a triple, Kori McFarlane had two big hits. Talia Best had two key hits, and Michael Moma played great defense. Devin Roban’s team had some excitement with excellent offense. Ifeolowa Dan-Salami hit a homerun, Rahim Scott had a hit and two R.B.I., Jazmyn Blackburn hit a monster home run, and Nasser McKenzie swung the bat well. Patrick Reyes also played great defense in this one, knocking down several line drives. On David Cox’s team we also saw some exellent swings. Arayn Church went 2 for 3, Brandon Cox went 2 for 3, Jalyon Beattie went 2 for 3, Dorian Cole had 4 putouts in the field, and Corey Cox had two great putouts in the field. Also in the farm was Alex Sullivan’s team. Hakeem hit a big home run, Marcus had two hits, Nicholas had two hits, and Domidia had two hits. Great defense was played by Anthony, Jordan, Keron, Derida, Charles, and Nicholas.

In the Minors there was also some highlight reel action. Ronnie Lyon’s team was on fire, almost literally in the hand a homerun, Gabriella Ali hit a triple, Manley Cradle hit a homerun, Matt Williams played great defense, and Quincy Pelzer pitched the whole game.

That wraps up week 5 of the 8-week summer league. As the action heats up for the rest of the summer, please make sure to come on down to Canarsie Park and check out the kids in action. We welcome all down next Monday and Wednesday to witness week 7, the next to last week of the summer program.

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