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The Active Consumer

By Dara Mormile

By Dara Mormile

If you just came back from your summer vacation and don’t want to start cooking for the family again, we’ve got a great place for you to get a delicious meal. That place is Court-ney’s Rotisserie and Grill ! And since they’re celebrating their GRAND OPENING, they have some great specials. Just look through this week’s issue of the Canarsie Courier and get a coupon for $1 off any Courtney’s Personal Meal . Or, you can get $2 off any purchase of $10 or more! Court-ney’s Rotisserie and Grill located at 2175 Ralph Avenue – that’s right in the Georgetown Shopping Center! And Courtney’s Rotisserie and Grill is open seven days a week – so you can stop by any day for their scrumptious chicken, side dishes and cornbread! So call 718-968-1888 today and let Courtney’s Rotisserie and Grill cook up the perfect meal for you!...

Speaking of the perfect meal, your children will not only get FREE break-fast, snacks and dinner when you en-roll them in Big Apple Day School , they’ll enjoy lots of fun and educational activities. If you’d like to see what Big Apple Day School has to offer, they’re having an open house on Thursday, September 1 from 5-8 p.m. and Friday, September 2 from 10 am to 2 p.m. Visit this quality day care center at 8702 Avenue L, where their FREE universal Pre-K Program will give your toddlers and children ages 2-6 half and extended days with a great staff and a welcoming environment. If you want more information on Big Apple Day School, just call 718-763-9300…

And if your kids love tappin’ their toes and stompin’ their feet, give them a reason to dance with joy - Bonnii’s Dance Showcase ! This dance company has so much to offer like ballet, jazz, hip-hop and tap classes. Bonnii’s Dance Showcase will be having registration on September 9th, 10th and 11th from 3:30 to 6 p.m. Just visit their headquarters at 1567 Ralph Ave-nue or call 718-251-2224. Bonnii’s Dance Showcase has grand championship winners, petite, junior and teen senior companies, Sunday classes (just for your convenience), trophies for all dancers and FREE adult Jazz/ Tap classes for moms and students. You AND your kids can dance the day away! So give Bonnii’s Dance Show-case a call or find them on the web at www.bonniisdance.com today!…

Whether you know it or not, selling your home is one of the most important decisions you can make in life. You should be well informed way be-fore you put your house on the market. That’s why ReMax Five Star Realty

wants you to get the new industry report that’s just been released called “27 Valuable Tips That You Should Know to Get Your Home Sold For Top Dollar.” This report will help you discover how to avoid financial disasters when selling your home. ReMax Five Star Realty Wants to help you get the competitive edge you need to protect and capitalize on your most important investment. Just call 1-800-247-0754 and enter ID number 1023. You can call 24 hours seven days a week! Count on ReMax Five Star Realty to be by your side!

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