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By Charles Rogers

Detectives escort suspects in August 7 beating of black man in Mill Basin from 61st Precinct.    Detectives escort suspects in August 7 beating of black man in Mill Basin from 61st Precinct. Police this week arrested four white youths in connection with the August 7 beating of a black man in Mill Basin.

One suspect, identified as Nicolas Morse, 19, was allegedly the ring leader in what was described as a hate crime, since racial epithets were apparently used in the attack on Alex Moore, 29, on Avenue N at East 59th Street.

Police said they also picked up Robert Lombardi, 18, Anthony David, 17, and Stephen Cucarese, 18. Anthony Capone, 17, turned himself in to the 61st Precinct in Sheepshead Bay late Tuesday, according to published reports. Police are still searching for several more suspects.

Moore told police he was with friends waiting for a bus to take him home to East New York after attending a festival in the area when a group of white men in an SUV passed them heading west. As soon as they saw Moore, they made a U-turn and got out of the van with bats, sticks and metal pipes and, as Moore’s friends scattered, attacked the victim.

While Moore was being attacked, a man and woman in a passing car pulled over and yelled at the youths, who fled in the van. The couple tended to Moore until emergency services arrived and the victim was taken to Brookdale Hospital and treated for injuries to the head, chest, arms, hips and ankle.

Remarking on the case at the time, City Councilman Lew Fidler, whose office is only a few blocks from the scene of the incident, noted with surprise that such a crime should take place in the racially diverse, usually quiet neighborhood. “We have a wonderful, integrated, peaceful and harmonious community here and we won’t stand for…conduct that will challenge the community feeling we all enjoy.”

Some published reports indicated that Moore knew one or more of his attackers and that the incident was allegedly more personal than previously thought.

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