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Tips To Help You Banish Bad Hair Days During The Summer

(NAPSI)-When heat and humidity levels rise, so do the number of unavoidable bad hair days - and bad hair days can negatively affect a woman’s mood, attitude and self-esteem.

A recent Harris Interactive poll revealed that women often feel annoyed and irritated when they’re having a bad hair day. Additionally, more than a third experienced lower self-esteem because they had a bad hair day, and more than a quarter avoided going on a date or to a special occasion.

Although warm weather can’t be avoided, these few simple hair tips will help anyone achieve good hair days, whatever the weather:

• Check the weather. Hair will react to all elements of weather including rain, wind and heat. The best defense against bad hair days is preparing hair for the elements with the right style products and accessories, which can be recommended by your hairstylist.

• Stop frizz before it starts. Humid-ity naturally causes hair to frizz, which more than a third of women say is a leading cause of bad hair days.

Celebrity stylist Tim Rogers recommends using a frizz serum on all hair types to combat frizz:

“A frizz serum should be part of everyone’s beauty regimen. Simply use a dime-size amount on damp hair and avoid the roots. I recommend Charles Worthington Results Stay Smooth Frizz-Taming Serum, which goes on easily, adds great shine to dry locks, and can be found at your drugstore.”

• Don’t wash hair every day. Be-lieve it or not, water can be very drying to hair, exacerbating frizz and static flyaways. When washing hair, use lukewarm water and follow with a conditioning treatment designed for your hair type.

• Don’t forget the sunscreen. Although you might not think you need UV protection for your hair, the sun’s UV rays can actually strip the hair of its natural oils and the melanin pigment that gives hair its color.

Experts say that as little as two weeks in the sun without UV protection can weaken the hair cuticles, which could cause peeling, breaking and split ends. Besides wearing a hat, the best defense is using hair products with UV filters and the ingredient keratin, which adds strength and elasticity to hair. The best styling products can help you deal with problems such as frizz and flyaway hair.

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