2005-08-11 / Other News

Special Plan Enables Cops To Nab Suspects In East 83rd St. Shooting

By Charles Rogers

Thanks to a special “Apprehension Plan” enacted by the 69th Precinct to establish various grid sections in neigh-borhoods surrounding crime scenes, two suspects were arrested Tuesday afternoon after allegedly shooting a man on East 83rd Street.

The 26-year-old victim, whose home is near Avenue L, said he had just left his house when a black Nissan Altima with Pennsylvania license plates and occupied by two men pulled in front of him and one of the men began shooting at him. He ran toward his house but fell to the ground after being shot in the leg, police said. When he fell, the car carrying the attackers fled east on Avenue L. Police did not release the victim’s name.

Anti-Crime Unit officers on patrol in the area in an unmarked car re-sponded to calls from witnesses and called emergency services to tend to the victim while establishing a crime scene and issuing the Apprehension Plan. The victim gave a description of the vehicle to them and it was broadcast to all area patrol cars.

As a result of the broadcast and a search by the local precinct patrol officers, a car stop was made at the intersection of Seaview Avenue and Rock-away Parkway, where two men were detained. Anti Crime Unit officers trans-ported two witnesses to the shooting from East 83rd Street to where the suspects were being held and a positive identification was made. The two suspects, whose names were being withheld, were arrested and charged with attempted murder.

After an evidence search of the crime scene was conducted, it was determined a total of eight shots from a .380 caliber automatic were fired at the victim. He was taken to Brookdale Hospital by paramedics.

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