2005-08-11 / Letters/Opinion

Letters To The Editor


Dear Editor:

Thanks to you for publishing the obituary for our mother, Beatrice A. Cerami. Mom really loved Canarsie and read the Courier every week.

My brothers and I all sold Couriers — our first jobs. Our family has moved away now, so it was important for us to have our services at St. Jude to return to our “home.”

Thanks especially to Catherine Rosa for her assistance and kindness.

We wish you and your great staff all the best as you continue your tradition of important work for the Canarsie community past and present.

With all best wishes,

Joe Cerami

College Station, Texas

Stop Terrorism Now!


I think the recently installed backpack and bag search by the NYPD is misguided. If they really want to stop terrorism in this country or abroad, nip it in the bud as they say. Stop antagonizing people in a number of countries and giving them a reason to come over to the United States to murder civilians.

Granted terrorist groups take the monstrous position that if America does not stop abusing their people, then they will attack America in retaliation. But, America and other nations have to work around that horrific and childish mentality.

If there is one thing that 100% of Americans will agree on is that terrorism is wrong and must be stopped immediately. Stop terrorism immediately!

Name withheld

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