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Hot Tips For A Safe And Sensational Summer Tan

(NAPSA)-While nothing conveys a radiant sense of health and vitality more than a tan, some ways to acquire that glow are healthier than others. Gone are the days when people will risk the harmful effects of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays by baking on the beach and tanning beds, it turns out, can be even worse. Instead, they are relying on various products for that red carpet glow.

A growing number of celebrities-including Jennifer Lopez, Portia de Rossi, Melissa Hart, Fergie, and Amanda Peet all choose self-tanning options. The right self-tanning product can be amazingly realistic and make it seem as if you just returned from an island vacation, without getting sunburned. Another advantage of self-tanners is that by avoiding sun exposure you can help prevent collagen breakdown in the skin, which inevitably leads to wrinkles.

Before applying a self-tanner, consider these tips from Lynn Fischer, lead beauty therapist and trainer at Clarins, an industry leader in self-tanning.

1.You can extend the life of your tan by showering and exfoliating prior to application.

2.Remember to work the self-tanner into areas that the sun naturally hits, such as areas around the eyes, behind your ears and on top of the cartilage, your lips and the bottom of your nostrils.

3.Avoid staining your palms. Wear gloves or wash palms afterwards with a mixture of an exfoliant and cleanser. Get the backs of your hands with a foundation sponge to prevent discoloration.

4.Wait before getting dressed after applying tanning products to areas that will be covered by clothing. Tinted self-tanners can stain clothing if they are not thoroughly absorbed.

5.Look for a self-tanner that contains additional ingredients which nurture and protect the skin. Some products contain vitamin E and aloe vera to protect the skin against harmful free radicals present in the air.

It also contains Erythrulose, a new ingredient which helps to reduce the orange color found in other self-tanners on the market and replaces it with a more natural, golden brown tan.

The right self-tanners can be a great way to get a start on the season or simply look your best during any season. Choose a self-tanner that delivers realistic results but also nurtures and protects your skin.

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