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Informed Voices Meeting Targets Crime Prevention

By Felice Baker

Informed Voices Civic Association’s June 21st town meeting featured two police officers from the 69th Precinct.

Sgt. Joel Dickerman referred all quality-of-life complaints about graffiti, late night party noise and reports of July 4th fireworks to 311 or the precinct’s main number, 718-257-6211. Business owners were advised to paint over graffiti with brick red paint in hopes that future vandals would find the surface unattractive.

Dickerman also promised that the precinct will keep track of chronic prob-lems by maintaining a record each time a resident calls about late-night party noise.

Crime Prevention Officer Dominic Daniele informed residents about registering cars and bicycles at the pre-cinct. Thieves often repaint stolen bicycles when there is no serial number, which makes it more difficult for police to recover them. Getting a serial number solves this problem and only requires a call to the Community Affairs Unit at 718-257-6205 between 3 and 11 p.m.

Cars are also covered by this plan, and between 1 and 5 a.m., patroling officers look out for cars on the road with serial numbers on the back. Fol-lowing the logic that these non-waking hours are ideal for theft, these cars are pulled over in order to make sure that they are not being stolen.

Tips were also offered to help avoid purse-snatching and vacation robberies. Those who carry purses were warned to carry bags that are as small as practically possible and keep them close to the body. It was also suggested not to carry bags with straps around the neck to prevent serious injury in case of a violent snatching and to let go of the purse if they meet very strong resistance. Residents planning to go on vacation were told to inform the post office to have their mail forwarded, have the post office hold their mail or ask reliable neighbors to collect it.

Informed Voices wished the community an enjoyable, safe summer and said meetings will resume in the fall.

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