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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor:

Quality of life...I heard that name somewhere regarding ones own neighborhood. Maybe our mayor said something about car radios being too loud. Watch out you get a ticket for that...or can you? Never seen a ticket given for that, or a warning but heard plenty of loud car radios.

I have lived here all my life. And the quality of that life was decent. Decent people, caring about one another, not only in time of strife but just for each other in general. Being able to go about their own lives with respect to yours. Don’t play radios too loud after midnight on a Saturday night...even if it was a party. Don’t talk loud when others were trying to sleep. Generally, just being considerate.

I know someone who was recently issued a ticket for having a milk container and 2 cans out in a regular garbage can, not a recyclable one. I guess that was worse than having a crowd of 40-50 people partying on the front sidewalk of a house till 4 in the morning. Yep, that’s when I realized quality was going down here in Canarsie...that no one really cares. The men & women that protect and serve us just don’t seem to want to get involved in quality of life issues. Why stop a rowdy crowd on a Saturday night?

So as marijuana smoke filtered into my opened windows, open because it was so warm and because I should be able to enjoy the night air. I held my breath and took in the obnoxiously loud music. DJ, microphone, who knows...just too darn loud. Loud enough for me not to be able to mind my own business. Soon it will end, I said to myself. Twelve thirty came and gone. One a.m., 2 a.m. and there they all were sitting on other peoples porches where they didn’t belong, shouting to each other from down the street, going in other people’s darkened driveways, cars tripled park for 10 houses down.

Well, I said to myself, let’s see how much my police precinct cares about the quality of life here in my hometown. I called 311, nice people to talk to, very efficient. About 40 minutes later, I saw a police vehicle; they called on loudspeaker for cars to move. They circled around and stopped at the end of the row of double-parked cars and looked into a vehicle, flashlight out, investigating windshield stickers. They moved down to where the party was and talked to someone who leaned into their car window and spoke to the officers. And, believe it or not, the music was turned up several notches, while the police were out front! Don’t know what was said, the police left, the music was lowered from an obnoxiously loud volume to a horribly loud volume and the party raged on. Cars came back; double-parked...people still partied in the front of theirs and several other houses.

After three when I noticed a change in the party routine, something new was added —urinating on cars. (maybe that’s what was being done in driveways) and the addition of 8 motorcycles that revved their engines when arriving, parking and leaving, which they did on two separate occasions.

A police vehicle showed again, pulled up in front of the aforementioned house and drove away, as fast as they came. So much for the quality of life. Those people were lucky, they must have had their recyclables in order.

I respect my police department and thank then for what some see as a thankless job. But, they let me down in this instance.

And so this is the state of Canarsie, a place I love dearly, a nice place to live. I hope others will help make it stay like that. Care about your neighbors. Be considerate. Don’t you want your children to grow up in a nice community? I don’t understand why you would want to make yourself hard to live with. I don’t want to move, but I can’t see staying in a place where the rights of wrongdoers are more important that mine and people like me.

Concerned About Canarsie

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