2005-06-30 / Business & Finance

Ideas Flow With Divided Sinks And Pullout Faucets

(NAPSI)-When it comes to assessing the functionality and available workspace of a kitchen, most people look at everything but the kitchen sink. However, thanks to new design innovations, sinks are now starting to add to the room's versatility, instead of subtracting from it.

For example, some models are equipped with accessories like soap dispensers-which eliminate the need to keep a bottle of soap on the counter-and integral cutting boards, which give cooks additional space for meal preparation. Integral drainboards, cutting boards and wire mesh colanders maximize kitchen space by centralizing food prep and cleanup so that it all takes place at the kitchen sink.

Another way sinks are helping make kitchens more efficient is through designs that make cleanup simpler. For instance, while a deep double sink can be a great way to stack up pots and pans and get them out of the way, it's not really all that conducive to cleaning, not when the dividing wall makes it hard to transfer items from one basin to the other.

The solution? A basin divider that is half the height of conventional dividers offers greater clearance between the faucet and the midsection of the sink. Kohler has introduced several new sinks that have this new design feature. Called Smart Divide, this design feature is available on select Kohler Cast Iron kitchen sinks and provides the best of both worlds-double-basin convenience and the roominess of a single-basin sink. And, because the divider is lower than on traditional sinks, the new models are better suited to accommodate large pots and pans with extended handles-meaning less water is needed to effectively soak this kitchenware.

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