2005-06-30 / Arts & Entertainment

Billboard Hot 100: Top 10

By The Associated Press

By The Associated Press

The following are weekly charts for the nation’s best-selling recorded music as they appear in this week’s issue of Billboard magazine. Reprinted with permission.

1. “X&Y,” Coldplay. Capitol.

2. “In Your Honor,” Foo Fighters. Roswell.

3. “Neve Gone,” Backstreet Boys. Jive.

4. “The Emancipation of Mimi,” Mariah Carey, Island.


5. “Monkey Business,” Black Eyed Peas. A&M.

6. “All or Nothing,” Fat Joe. Terror Squad.

7. “Honkytonk University,” Toby Keith. Dreamworks.

8. “Fijacion Oral,” Shakira. Sony.

9. “Love, Angel, Music, Baby,” Gwen Stefani, Interscope.


10. “Mesmerize,” System of a Down. American.

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