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A Hands-On Four-Minute Massage Routine Made Easy

You can follow this routine after removing make-up using oil or while applying your moisturizing cream. Once you have memorized the routine, it should take no more than three to four minutes, so try to do it every day. If you have a specific area that you need to concentrate on, incorporate one of the massages from the routine.

Pour just under a teaspoon of oil into one hand, rub it into both hands and apply the oil to your neck and face in long, upward and outward sweeping movements. Apply it very sparingly around your eyes, where the skin is most delicate, using the ring finger of both hands. Using alternate hands, slide up your neck from the base to your jawbone, turning the hands as necessary and working lightly over your windpipe. Cover your whole neck from ear to ear.

Using the first and middle fingers of each hand, slide firmly along your jaw line from your chin to the front of your ears. Your index finger should be on top of your jaw and the middle finger underneath. With your fingers together and hands pointing up to your brow, holding the fingers straight, press firmly with the edge of your hands either side of your nose. Hold for three to four seconds. Repeat. ©Womenfitness(www.womenfitness.net).

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