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The Most Beautiful Days Of Your Life Are During Pregnancy

(NAPSI)-Pregnancy is one of the most important events in a woman’s life - and is often the time when she feels the happiest and most beautiful.

• Get plenty of rest. Pamper yourself. Sleep eight or nine hours a night and take naps during the day.

• Be proactive about stretch marks. During pregnancy, the elastic fibers of the skin are stretched and risk splitting, which can cause unattractive stretch marks - at first blue-red in color, then pink and eventually turning white. To reduce your risk, avoid gaining excess weight and enhance the skin’s suppleness and resistance with a treatment oil composed of 100 percent pure plant extracts of rosemary, sage, plus stimulating mint and moisturizing hazelnut oil, rich in vitamin E. Apply daily over damp skin then pinch or rub the skin lightly to promote resistance. Some experts recommend following the treatment with a cool shower. The nourishing and toning benefits can also help skin adapt to the increased bust size that often accompanies pregnancy.

• Banish dull skin. If your skin needs a vitamin boost, an energizing cream rich in vitamins A, B,C, E, and K and minerals can nourish skin and help achieve the luminous even complexion that pregnant women are famous for.

• Pamper your legs. A woman’s legs support extra weight carried during a pregnancy, often resulting in slower circulation and tired, swollen legs. To counter the effects of gravity, sleep with your legs slightly elevated. Do not cross your legs, and try to walk for at least a half hour every day wearing comfortable flat shoes that support the ankles.

While pregnancy may bring radiant skin and enhanced curves, the physical changes can also create some problems. These simple tips can help mothers-to-be look their very best.

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