2005-06-02 / Top Stories

Memorial Day Parade Salutes Fallen Soldiers

Honor guards and special guests at a commemorative ceremony at the Veterans Circle and at Canarsie Cemetery, along with a parade of local organizations rounded out Canarsie’s Memorial Day festivities Monday. Although attendance was sparse at the parade, patriotism flourished at the events.

Clockwise from upper left, elected officials at the Veterans Circle included, left to right, City Councilman Charles Barron, District Attorney Charles Hynes, City Councilman Lew Fidler and Assemblyman Frank Seddio, all standing behind Carlton Richardson, Jr. age 8; honor guards Henry Bolus and John Salogub fire commemorative rounds at Canarsie Cemetery; Boy Scout Troop 281 proudly leads parade along Conklin Avenue; members of the scout troop and members of NYPD Auxiliary help honor war dead; three-year old Savannah Shuffler, with her Spongebob in one hand and flag in the other gives her own tribute; American Legion Post 573 Commander Carlton Richardson speaks at Circle; Korean War and Vietnam War veteran Richard Harris solemnly salutes fallen comrades; Rabbi Avrohom Hecht recites prayer at cemetery’s Civil War monument. Photos by Sonny Maxon

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