2005-06-02 / Caribbean Corner

Happenings In New York City Relative To Caribbean Folks

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Maxine Hamilton Alexander

First stop: Caribbean New York City; The Future Is Today.

U.S. Immigration Policy and What It Means for Caribbean Immigrants/ Americans.

Friday, June 3 - 8:30am to 3pm at the Hutchinson Metro Center, 1200 Waters Place, Bronx, New York a panel will explore how America’s im-migration policies are impacting Caribbean people living in New York City as well as those seeking to emigrate here.

Highlights of these discussions are with regard to the strategies for clearing sometimes a bumpy road to citizenship. The panel will be looking at recent immigration trends of new arrivals, the neighborhoods they primarily make as their new homes, and the support service needs, which assist in making successful transitions.

Panel Participants Include: Sylvia Ash (Supervising Attorney, District Council 37); Hugh G. Beckford, Sr. (President, Caribbean American Family Services); Rennie Bishop (Program Director, WWRL); Irwine Claire (Managing Editor, Caribbean Immigrant Services); Guillermo Linares (Commissioner for Immigrant Affairs, NYC) and Felicia Persaud (Editor In Chief, Heartbeat News)

Business, Trade & Entrepreneur-ship Among NYC’s Caribbean Community

The path to the “American Dream” frequently leads to en-trepreneurship. Showcase of success stories of Caribbean New Yorkers and the strategies they collectively and/or individually utilized. The panel will look at how entrepreneurial success is increasing the influence and power of New York’s Carib-bean-American community in various sectors and discuss opportunities available between New York City and the Caribbean Islands.

Panelist participants include: Roy Hastick, Sr. (President, Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce); Fernando Sanchez (International Trade Specialist, US Dept of Com-merce); Jose Sifontes (New York SBA District Director, United States SBA); Robert W. Walsh (Commis-sioner of Small Business Adminis-tration, NYC) and Dr. Tatiana Wah (Professor, Milano Graduate School of Management)

This event is presented to you courtesy of Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión, Jr.

Next: Brooklyn Caribbean Youth Fest 2005 Committee Intergenera-tion Picnic for Teens & Elders; Saturday, June 4, 1-4P.M, Youth Resource Center, Prospect Park. Call (718) 927-6817 for more information.

My Children! My Africa! CARIBBEAN AMERICAN REPERTORY THEATRE June 2 – 5; 8 – 12, 2005. For more information call 1-718-974-6487.

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