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Say “I Do” To These Tips On How To Be The Ideal Wedding Guest

Dara Mormile

(NAPSI)-Nearly 2.4 million weddings will take place this year, so it’s more than likely you’re on at least one guest list. Nowadays with many couples throwing non-traditional weddings (i.e. second weddings, destination weddings), as a guest you may be left wondering what’s expected of you.

Experts on weddings have several tips to help guests ensure their etiquette is picture-perfect, no matter what type of wedding they attend:

Rule #1: RSVP on time, online.

• When you receive an invite, check the date and RSVP right away. Popular technology allows guests to instantly RSVP on the couple’s wedding Web page as well as browse for other wedding-related info.

Rule #2: Take photos, but don’t keep them to yourself.

• Often, the bride and groom don’t see their photos for up to two months after the wedding. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to wait until after the honeymoon to share your prints.

• Use your digital camera or camera phone to produce a stack of high-quality digital images in as little as 60 seconds, to give to the couple right away - you don’t even need a computer, so you can print them anywhere!

Rule #3: Don’t bring a gift, but make sure you buy one from the registry.

These days, couples are now registering for everything from camping gear to their honeymoon! Thankfully, almost every retailer has a wedding gift registry.

• Remember, you have one year to send a gift, but it’s best to do so within two months of the wedding.

As a wedding guest, you can help make the bride and groom’s special day even more memorable.

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