2005-05-26 / Letters/Opinion

Letters To The Editor

Proliferation Of PA Plates

Dear Editor:

  • State of Pennsylvania license plates have invaded the County of Kings like a swarm of invading locusts: cars parked on city streets and driveways; some performing as dollar cabs picking up passengers along bus routes; some performing illegal tasks at local hospitals by picking up patients with no livery plates — all with Pennsylvania passenger plates.
  • Where is the law to bring these illegal Pennsylvania plates to a head?

    Brooklyn Resident

    Low-Life Flag Thieves

    Dear Editor:

    On the weekend of April 30, 2005 my American flag was stolen from the front of my house. I have lived in Canarsie all my 58 years and that flag has always been in the front of my house.

    I am a Vietnam vet and I fly my flag because I am an American and support the troops who fight for our United States.

    I am appalled that anyone could stoop so low.

    Dennis J. Marick

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