2005-05-26 / Front Page


By Charles Rogers

An apparently scared suspect who allegedly robbed a patron at Club Rock at gunpoint early Saturday fired a single shot into a group of the patron’s friends who confronted him and an alleged accomplice, police said. No one was hit and police from the 69th Precinct arrested the suspects less than 30 minutes later.

While officers questioned bystanders about the robbery, patrons leaving the club and a large crown of onlookers gathered outside when six shots rang out from their midst. Once again, no one was hurt, and the gunman, chased by the crowd, fled north on Rockaway Avenue towards Avenue D and got away.

Police identified the robbery suspects as Johnnie House, 22, of Georgia Avenue and Hasson Davis, 26, of Lexington Avenue, both Brooklyn, who were each charged with robbery and menacing. House was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

When the suspects were taken to the Foster Avenue police station, House was searched and found to have an alleged counterfeit $50 bill in his possession and was also charged with possession of a forged document.

The 24-year old robbery victim, whose name was not released, told po-lice he was confronted by the suspects in the doorway of the club, at which time they pointed the gun at him and demanded he give them a chain from around his neck. He complied, but his friends started yelling, at which time the suspect fired at them. The suspect started to run, but was caught and police were called.

Police also detained and questioned 13 people from the crowd that had ga-thered in front of the club later, when the six shots were fired, and issued eight of them summonses for disorderly conduct.

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