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How Do You Know What Kind Of Concealer Is Right For You?

The right concealer can hide just about every imperfection and give you flawless skin. Gently pat concealer on with fingertips or brush on with a soft flat brush. Anyone who has less than perfect skin needs a good concealer. Hint: Concealer should cover entire under-eye, including outside of eye to give it lift. The outside of the eye is also prone to redness and dryness.

Liquid concealer is especially recommended for dry skin and for concealing large areas like under-eye circles. Solid concealer is necessary to hide stubborn pimples, scars and bruises.

A more natural looking concealer is a cream-to-powder foundation. Match it to the shade of liquid or cream foundation. Hint: With liquid or solid foundation, best results are obtained by using concealer afterwards. When using a cream-to-powder foundation, concealer should go on first.

Expert Tricks

• Add yellow eye shadow to concealer or foundation to conceal dark circles. It will color-correct dark undertones while concealing.

• Blue or green eye shadow added to concealer or foundation will correct ruddy tones and broken capillaries.

• Use the residue in the cap of your foundation as the perfect concealer. It’s slightly dehydrated, making it just the right thickness to conceal. And of course, it matches your foundation beautifully! ¬©

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