2005-05-12 / Arts & Entertainment

Through The Ropes

The best feud of 2005 isn’t going to be Triple H vs. Batista. Not even close.

Monday night is going to have to take a backseat for awhile, because SmackDown! has finally found a rivalry that will make Thursday night a time when you HAVE to tune in to wrestling.

Take arguably the two best pure wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertain-ment, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mys-terio. Then have Guerrero, who had captured so many hearts, shatter each and every one of them by leaving little Rey-Rey a bloody, beaten mess.

You knew it was coming. Mysterio kept getting wins over Guerrero, with Eddie shrugging each and every de-feat off because it was okay to lose to familia. But a guy who makes his living on lying, cheating and stealing is a bit too desperate for victory to just let all of that go. So Mysterio got stitches, Guerrero got boos and a long-term feud that will mix smooth arm drags with steel folding chairs is in store for us. We are the beneficiaries, and so are the grapplers.

Guerrero took his comical gimmick of low-riders and lower tactics as far as he could, and it was starting to get a bit old. Mysterio, at 5-foot-4 and 175 pounds soaking wet, is like a little teddy bear to wrestling fans, something people want to take home and put next to their pillow. But this is the storyline that will bring out more violence in the two than we’ve ever seen before. It’s okay to laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy about wrestlers, until it goes too far. Wrest-lers hate, wrestlers fight, and with two guys who were like brothers and now mortally hate each other, the disdain is going to turn into some classic ring battles.

Rey’s not going to be dancing to the ring, holding his “619 Cam” to get pictures of all his adoring supporters. That stuff has gotten too soft. No, next time he may hide some brass knucks in his pants and split someone open. It may not even be Guerrero he lights up first. He may actually leave someone out cold just to send a message. Rey? The wrest-lers you would most likely leave your kids with if you and the missus were going out for a long weekend? Yes, it will happen. And it’s been long overdue.

As for Eddie, he’s finally graduated from the Kurt Angle School of Being a Heel. Guerrero’s been the bad guy before, but he was often laughed at, never feared, never de-spised. Now, he’s going to come to the ring, and you won’t leave for that spare bag of chips, for he might hit somebody with a crowbar before the darn bell even rings. For beating up the lovable Rey, he immediately goes neck and neck with Triple H as the most hated guy in the business. Look for the slapstick “Lie, cheat and steal” stuff to go by the wayside. In it’s place, order a couple more stretch-ers and have the EMTs waiting as he unleashes carnage.

I’m excited. You should be too. This is going to last for awhile, and we get to enjoy every minute of the bloodshed.

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