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Time To Consider Living Will

Time To Consider Living Will

Dear Editor: As the events surrounding the recent Terri Schiavo case have shown us, it is vitally important for individuals to create a Living Will and/or Health Care Proxy to ensure that healthcare decisions are made according to their personal wishes.

In the State of New York, there are two common legal documents which can be used. A Living Will provides explicit instructions to physicians concerning the health care choices and treatments that one may or may not want to receive. A Health Care Proxy authorizes another person to make health care decisions for an individual if he/she becomes unable to do so. As a public service, the New York Legal Assistance Group provides both of these forms on our web site at: www.nylag.org/public-forms/.

Our office regularly recommends that individuals prepare both a living will and a health care proxy for the most comprehensive coverage.

Yisroel Schulman, Esq.

Executive Director

New York Legal Assistance Group



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