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Hardwood Floor Lovers Breathe Easier

Hardwood Floor Lovers Breathe Easier

(NAPSI) - Many homeowners would love to enjoy the stunning beauty of a newly refinished hardwood floor-if only it wasn't for all the dust generated by the finishing process.

Fortunately, today's homeowners can breathe a lot easier-literally-when deciding to restore their floors' beauty. New dust containment technology can eliminate air-borne dust previously associated with sanding and refinishing wood floors.

The latest dust containment sys-tems are designed and engineered to prevent the infiltration and permeation of dust into draperies, furniture, cabinets, air ducts, air conditioning units and all household appliances.

"Dust associated with refinishing hardwood floors is not only an immediate cleaning nightmare but can linger for months or even years," said Gerry Mueller, of floor care pioneer BonaKemi USA, which de-veloped the dust containment tech-nology. "Homeowners can avoid that annoying mess by simply demanding their hardwood flooring contractor use a dust containment system."

With a dust containment system, homeowners are free to move about the whole house during the sanding process. The revolutionary new technology eliminates the need for unsightly and constricting plastic taped to the doorways and stairwells-an old fashioned me-thod often used to prevent dust from spreading through the whole house.

"I was very skeptical because of previous experiences with old-style traditional wood floor refinishing procedures that send dust everywhere," said Ellen Pruitt, a Georgia homeowner who recently had her floors done with the Bona-Kemi Atomic System. "With a dust containment system, there's no airborne dust to clean up. No mess and my floors look amazing."

For a free dust containment bro-chure, call 800-574-4674 or visit www.bonakemi.com.

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