2005-03-17 / Other News

Refuting Anonymous Reports, Police Say South Shore H.S. Crime “Not That Bad”

By Charles Rogers

Although anonymous sources say that robberies and at least one assault have allegedly occurred recently at South Shore High School and the incidents “have been kept off the record — on purpose,” police say that is not the case.

“All incidents of that nature are indeed duly reported,” a police source said. “We have documented records of all untoward incidents at South Shore. Nobody is holding anything back from us, and all the reports, especially those regarding possible felonies, also go right to the Department of Education.”

Two sources, who would not reveal their names and claimed they work at the school, told the Canarsie Courier last week that they heard there had been “robberies and a police officer was assaulted” within the past few weeks and that “the principal is sweeping these incidents under the rug.”

When told there should be documentation about the incidents, the sources admitted the stories were “hearsay,” but insisted the rumors are true. The interim-acting principal, Judy Henry, did not comment, but Assistant Principal for Security Peter Slomon said, “If these were teachers who called, they must have been people holding a grudge for some reason or another. As far as the incidents not being reported, nothing could be further from the truth.”

He said South Shore’s record has been “exemplary” recently.

Sergeant Ray Singletary, who is in charge of school patrols for the 69th Precinct, said he has seen a “marked improvement” in security at South Shore, noting that there have been “very few” incidents to report at all.

“I promise you, nothing has been held back and everything that needed to be reported has been reported,” he said.

In checking the records received in the last four weeks, authorities said there were two cases of robberies, one at the end of February and another early this month, where teachers’ purses were taken.

“One was taken from a teachers lounge and another was taken from a cloak room,” Singletary said. “Thanks to quick work from law enforcement officers, we made an arrest on one of them” The other is still being investigated. He said the assault incident involved a School Safety Police Officer and the youth responsible was arrested. “Of course, there were other, more minor incidents, and they were also reported.”

“Besides the School Safety Officers, who are part of the NYPD’s School Task Force,” Slomon said, “there are also adjunct officers from the local precinct and school safety agents, sort of a security team, patrolling the schools.”

He said particular note should be made that South Shore was one of the schools named as “one of the original 12 Impact (those cited as most dangerous) schools” from a security standpoint last year but it was removed from that list in January.

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