2005-03-10 / Women's

Getting Gorgeous: A Guide To Your Best Hair, Makeup And Skin

(NAPSI) - Anyone who’s endured a string of bad-hair days or a badly timed breakout knows that, at times, beauty can seem unattainable - a lucky perk other women are blessed with at birth. But take a look around and you’ll quickly see that there’s no surefire (or genetic) formula for looking stunning.

You have a number of unique features that add up to a special beauty of your own. The trick is learning to bring them out and let them shine.

• Celebrate your individual good looks rather than chasing after an unrealistic ideal. Embrace the transformative powers of good hair and makeup: They can help make you feel as amazing as you look.

• Optimize your complexion. Seek out makeup colors that complement your skin tone and don’t waste time on trendy looks unless they happen to look beautiful on you. Get the most flattering haircut for your face shape and hair texture but play with highlights and hot curlers, too. Shop smart - try on foundation in natural light, read ingredient lists on wrinkle creams and test fragrances for at least a few days before buying.

Everyone has a unique and compelling beauty. The trick is identifying your greatest strengths and making the most of them. Good hair and makeup can make you feel your best.

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