2005-02-10 / Medical

Natural Looking Fillings

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Gary S. Rafal, D.D.S.

If you have decayed teeth that should be restored with fillings to protect your dental health, you should know about the latest technique that has been developed to make fillings look natural. For example, there are new “microfilled” materials that consist of very hard micro-sized crystals similar in texture to fine sand. The dentist mixes this filler with a resin and then applies it to the tooth surface, shaping it to recreate the tooth’s natural contours.

As in the case of composite plastics, the tooth to be filled is first treated with a mild acid solution to improve adhesion. Then the microfilled material is bonded directly to the tooth surface. The plastic is then hardened by a light with a blue beam.

Microfilled composites have been proven to be a value, particularly in restoring the smooth, non-chewing surfaces of teeth that are exposed when you talk or smile. The process is called bonding and it can produce spectacular results in creating that perfect smile.

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