2005-01-20 / Women's

Undressing The Truth: Dispelling Those Common Fashion Myths

(NAPSI)-Do prints put on pounds? Do shoes and handbags have to match? If the label on a garment says “dry-clean,” can you wash it in the machine?

Today, there are more options and trends than ever before in fashion. That’s one reason stylists now say the key to looking great and shopping smart is knowing fact from fiction.Here is a sample of a few myths, uncovered:

•The little black dress always makes you look slimmer: FALSE! Black is generally flattering for most women, but it is a myth that it automatically makes you look slimmer. Whether the dress is black or hot pink, women need to look for the right silhouette for their body type. Dresses that skim the body are most slenderizing.

•Suede and leather can never be machine washed: FALSE! With the help of new fabric technology, some leather and suede fashions can be washed in the washing machine with a gentle detergent. Be sure to check the care label to see if your leather can take a spin in the gentle cycle of your machine.

•Never wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day: FALSE.! This is a long-standing myth that has changed from true to false due to recent fashion trends. No longer is the flattering white suit just for the summer months. If you are going to wear white in winter, think of the fabric first-wool flannel or silk are more appropriate for the cooler seasons.

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