2005-01-20 / Letters/Opinion

The Right To Be Safe

Dear Editor:

When will people stop worrying so much about the rights of gun owners and start thinking about our rights to be safe? Sergeant Terrence Balkissoon survived two missions in Iraq and didn’t survive the streets of Brooklyn.

The gun industry is getting away with murder in this country. They have it in their power to make sure that illegal guns don’t get into the hands of gangs, criminals, kids and mentally unstable individuals. Just like drug companies that control their inventories and know exactly what store a tampered Tylenol bottle was sold to, the gun industry should control and monitor all their inventories.

Eighty-two people die every day in America from gun shots, I can’t help but think that this government wants to keep our streets dangerous so that a mother can actually feel that their child is safer in the army than on our streets.

Is this how they plan to avoid the draft?


Sara Aprea Alcoff

Million Mom March

Brooklyn Chapter

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