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Letters To The Editor

IS 78 Teacher Gets Toes A-Tappin’

Dear Editor:

I am a concerned grandmother of a student at Roy H. Mann Middle School, I.S. 78. My granddaughter was in a musical performance on December 21. The show was magnificent and the children were top of the line. To say the show was awesome is not nearly enough to describe the complete picture of these youngsters and the effort they put into this beautiful extravaganza.

I would especially like to bring to your attention a young man, Matthew Turner. He was the Drummer for this performance. His playing was out-of-this-world.

I really wish I had the credentials to do something for this young man. But I can only applaud his talent and hope. Someone out there comes to his aid and he receives his credit due.

May I also give thanks to Alexander Kaminnik, band director. He certainly deserves our thanks and hopefully he’ll be at Mann for a long time.

Thank you,

Barbara R. Horowitz

Teacher Hits Right Note

Dear Editor:

Hats off to Mr. Kaminnik, the music teacher for IS 78! Once again, he and his band gave a dazzling performance, capturing the beauty of music. I commend his excellence in teaching, too. My daughter, who is in the band, had never touched an instrument prior to his class and now plays the flute beautifully.

His effort and hard work with these kinds has paid off year after year. Every year they only prove to reach higher standards and have truly become great talents thanks to him. This year’s winter concert was electrifying, captivating and a total delight. His accomplishments with these children should be recognized in the highest regard.

Many thanks to Mr. Kaminnik for all he has put into the training of these now talented musicians. I look forward to the upcoming spring concert and encourage all those out there who have not yet had the fortune to attend one of these concerts, to come on out and see a terrific performance!


Bonnie L. Gorlick

U.S. Should Commit More To Disaster

Dear Editor:

2004’s aftershock force, released by the 9.0 earthquake, in the waters off the coast of Sumatra, has been compared to the blast from a million atomic bombs.

The death toll from the Tsunamis could had been drastically reduced if we had earlier warning.

The fact that these countries affected by possibly the greatest tragedy, in the history of all mankind, did not possess the necessary devices, or could not afford same, is inexcusable.

If all animals were able to save themselves because of their natural inner senses, why not us?

If humanity has learned anything from this, it is that we need to make some serious resolutions about how we interact with our world for eternity!

I propose that President Bush immediately release one billion dollars in U.S. currency to help the survivors and to prevent additional deaths from possible new earthquakes and diseases that may occur because of the possible contamination and for the millions of homeless.

All funds donated should be funneled to the White House, with any additional monies, in excess of one billion dollars should all be used for the Tsunami Relief.

Let’s show the world that America still has people who will put their money where their big hearts are and will never let anyone in need, down!

Frank Giordano

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