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Through The Ropes

One thing beats getting good wrestling tickets.

Getting them for free!

I got the hook-up, and there I was, less than 25 feet from the ring at Nassau Coliseum Monday night for RAW, sporting my Jimmy “The Boogie Woogie Man” Valient T-shirt. I will give myself kudos for having one of the coolest signs ever: “FLAIR 4 NC GOV” (North Carolina governor).

My cardboard tribute to the greatest wrestler ever earned some “Wooooo” chants, and quite a few middle fingers. Flair strolled to the ring with Triple H for the main event, and offered me a quick nod. He once considered being to my native Tar Heel state what Jesse Ventura was to Minnesota, and like his 16 world title reigns, I’m sure he would have tasted victory.

My wife forgot her camera, upset that she wouldn’t get to snap any photos of Shawn Michaels, her secret true love. So, I shelled out 15 clams to some enterprising gent for a throwaway. It was money well spent, as she’ll soon be developing pics of Michaels and H sharing yet another classic staredown.

World Wrestling Entertainment says there’s nothing like attending an event live, and although their motive is profit, the statement is nonetheless 100 percent true. You haven’t lived until you’ve been so close to Triple H spitting water up into the air that you consider opening up your umbrella. It is a silly, profane, undignified evening of fun that everybody should experience at least once.

If you’re a bit disappointed with the state of the televised product, then you must show up at an arena sometime. The characters in the ring are fun; the characters in the stands are better. A woman in front of me was wearing a Hurricane jersey and had a sign that said, “REAL MEN WEAR MASKS”. A lady a few feet behind me had a sign that was not subtle in suggesting that she would gladly pay for an evening with Randy Orton, and we’re not talking about dinner and dancing.

Farther behind me, a pair of teenagers had replica title belts, and they kept them on their shoulders all night, feeling like real champs. When Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross were beaten silly by Muhammad Hassan and his flunkie, the announce table directly behind us was left barren. My father-in-law and I quickly formulated a plan in which we would charge the table and take over, calling the rest of the show and quickly earning contracts with the company. We decided in the end that it would have been undignified to beat the hooligans keeping the fans from the table, so we kept our seats.

But our enthusiasm wasn’t diminished. When Kane finally battled Gene Snitsky, the pyrotechnics seemed like they would bust our eardrums. But we didn’t mind. The sound is deafening, the lights are blinding and with all the people jumping up and down, you don’t get to see everything. But you simply go home and check the Internet for what you missed. The energy more than makes up for the lapses of view.

The RAW crew will be back for a nontelevised show at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 25. Get your tickets now!

You can contact Josh Stewart at throughtheropes1@cs.com.

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