2004-12-09 / Women's

Make Your Day - Start It By Being Nice To Yourself

(NAPSI)-There are a few easy ways to start your day off smoothly instead of starting to feel stressed the minute the alarm rings:

• First, get enough sleep, so you don’t wake up feeling dazed. Set the alarm with a few minutes to spare, so you can indulge in a morning cup of coffee in your backyard, do stretching/yoga exercises or read the paper.

• Eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast can boost your energy levels and morning productivity. Plus, it can keep you from overindulging at lunch.

• Slip into something comfortable and start with bras and underwear that caress your skin. Some of the latest styles incorporate soft, supple fabric blends of stretchable cotton and sleek microfibers that stay smooth on the body.

• Softness is at its best in minimal, sleek and easy styles,

• Soul-soothing muted colors indulge the senses, while the flattering fit energizes and relaxes.

• With the understated details and tactile fabrics, this collection makes getting dressed seem like a way to pamper yourself.

• If your working environment is receptive, opt for casual chic. Dress in clothes that will make you feel good all day long.

• Walk to work or to errands if you can. If it’s a long distance, walk part of the way. Even if you drive, park at the far end of the parking lot. A walk is good exercise and a good stress reducer.

• To start the work week off on a bright note, buy yourself some flowers. Being good to yourself is a good idea and can result in a more productive, enjoyable work week.

• Slipping into something comfortable in a soft, tactile fabric starts the day off on an indulgent note.

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