2004-12-09 / Arts & Entertainment


ALL MY CHILDREN: At the boathouse, Aidan found the envelope full of money Bobby had someone drop off, but handed it over to Bobby anyway. Tad followed David as he raced to tend to Jamie, who’d been wounded in a fight with JR. Kendall was hurt when Erica asked her if she drugged Greenlee. Krystal and David said an emotional goodbye to Babe and James as Babe headed off with Jamie. Upcoming: Tad convinces Erica to play by his rules.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: The discovery of a broken rosary led Dusty and Lily to information about Sierra’s ties to a monastery, and they went to confront her. Mike and Katie had an awkward reunion, and instead of telling Mike the truth, Katie let him think she was still with Simon out of pride. Jack told a devastated Julia that it was over between them. Aaron tried to throw Alison out, but she offered him a deal instead, saying she’d leave after three days if he still wanted her to go. Upcoming: Barbara sets her plans in motion.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: In a heavy snowstorm, Sami and Lucas ran into Brandon on their way to the justice of the peace. Jennifer warned Hope that Billie may be taking advantage of the situation with Bo. Mimi sneaked out to Jan’s country house and let herself in. Belle and Shawn headed out immediately, and ran into Salem’s worst snowstorm in decades! Upcoming: Lucas, Sami and Brandon find themselves in a precarious situation together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Durant confessed to having obtained the file against Sonny illegally, thus making the evidence inadmissible in court. In Memphis, Luke and Skye went undercover in their search for Laura and found themselves in a seedy bar call-ed The Blue Note looking for “P. Connolly,” a person Heather recently gave a large sum of money to. Injured while trying to escape, Nikolas was rushed to the hospital where his heart stopped during surgery. Sonny and Ric discovered that Kristina was missing from her room. Upcoming: The custody of Kristina is decided.

GUIDING LIGHT: A chance en-counter with a woman Harley knew from her days as a cop directed Har-ley toward Billy, and she honed in on him, pushing and prodding to get him to confess. Back at the villa, Sebastian returned with Michelle and locked both her and Holly up before Michelle could escape. With tough love, Reva compelled Jonathan to say the things he’d kept inside, and in an emotional bloodbath, Jonathan let go, though it may have been more for Reva’s benefit than his own salvation. Olivia told Bill she was determined not to ruin his life by associating himself with her, but his pleas convinced her to come back home. Upcoming: Edmund and Cassie get some bad news.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Jessica re-membered seeing Antonio pulling the plug on Tico at the hospital. Cristian studied the journal he was keeping about the pertinent facts in his life, but hid his apparent memory loss from Natalie. Bo told Dorian and David about Blair’s wedding to try to bait them into revealing more about Paul’s murder. Margaret shot Todd when he started to walk out on her. Upcoming: John and Evangline discuss marriage.

PASSIONS: Gwen and Theresa physically fought, each determined to lay claim on the newborn child. Pilar guilted Katherine into admitting some of her dark secrets. Unable to convince Sheridan and Luis to leave Harmony, Martin and Katherine turned their attention on how to get their children to forgive them once the truth comes out. Alistair disinherited both Chad and Fox. Upcoming: Endora uses magic to save her grandfather.

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