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Q: I’m confused about something. I see where Dan Futterman is back on “Judging Amy” as Amy’s (Amy Bren-neman) brother, Vincent. Didn’t I read somewhere that he left the show for personal reasons? Jenna M.

A: Futterman did, indeed, leave the show in 2001 to return to New York and spend more time with his wife, writer Anya Epstein, and their baby daughter. He did stage and film work in New York during that time. Now he’s back because the door was always left open for his return. There was a very amicable parting of the ways, so to speak. The bad news is, Kevin Rahm, who portrays cousin Kyle, will be written out of the show. Apparently, the budget can’t accommodate both actors.

* * *

Q: I heard that Jasmine Guy had a disastrous outing on stage in New York wherein she seemed to be incoherent and forgot her lines and was replaced midway through the show. Is she okay? What’s she up to, if anything, these days? Laura K.

A: That did happen last year, but Guy’s rep blamed it on illness, and that’s all I know. However, she is busy starring in Showtime’s series, “Dead Like Me,” which is now awaiting word as to whether it will be renewed for another season. She’s also working with Afenia Shakur, mother of the late rap legend Tupac Shakur, on Tupac’s au-tobiography. Jasmine, along with Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Tupac Shakur, were all friends years ago. By the way, Jasmine is an alumna of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

* * *

Q: The young man who is staying with Drucilla and Neil on “The Young and the Restless” looks very familiar to me. Where have I seen him before? Lois R.

A: That’s Bryton McClure, who now goes only by the name, Bryton. Some years back, he played little Richie on “Family Matters.” Time flies, doesn’t it?

* * *

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