2004-10-21 / Medical

Alcohol And Your Teeth

Excessive use of alcohol has many harmful effects on health, some of which affect dental treatment. These include things like; (1) Bleeding disorders resulting from damage to the liver and the bone marrow. (2) Liver damage and disease which compromise general health and reduces resistance to infection. (3) An increased risk of oral cancer. (4) Increased likelihood of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

In addition, alcohol can interact harmfully with several medications commonly used in dental treatment. Alcohol intensifies the depressant effect of barbituates and tranquilizers creating a higher risk of deep sedation and unconsciousness. Following treatment, the ability to drive may be impaired. Medications used to control high blood pressure and angina have a dilating effect on the blood vessels which is intensified by alcohol.

The result is a higher likelihood of low blood pressure and fainting. Even the action of aspirin is intensified by alcohol, causing excessive bleeding by disrupting clot formation.

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