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Tapping On Your Teeth

When a dental nerve becomes inflamed, the membrane attaching the root to its bony socket may also become inflamed and swollen. This can cause the tooth to push out of the socket slightly. Bringing the teeth together will then be painful although it may be difficult to determine which tooth is actually hurting. The dentist may perform a percussion test by tapping gently on each tooth with an object, such as the handle of a dental mirror to locate the one that is sensitive.

This response indicates what is wrong but doesn’t necessarily indicate that root canal treatment is required to correct the problem. Teeth become sensitive to biting pressure and percussion from clenching and grinding or from minor changes in position. Traumatic meeting of teeth (occlusion) may result from bone loss around tooth.

Adjusting the bite by selective grinding on the crown of the sensitive tooth or the opposing teeth may be sufficient to eliminate the problem. A dental guard may be helpful in minimizing pressure.

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