2004-10-14 / Front Page


By Charles Rogers

  • Police from the 69th Precinct last week averted a possible gang war between two Canarsie factions that could have turned deadly if they hadn’t arrested a youth with a gun and two others with knives. According to police sources, a special mobilization force was called upon to assist in the arrests.
  • Sources said events leading up to an impending confrontation between groups of youths from the East 80s and others from the Breukelen Houses area began when patrol officers responded to a call that a dispute with a firearm was taking place in the vicinity of East 87 street and Avenue J at about 9:45 p.m. on Thursday, October 7. An anonymous 911 emergency call said a group of youths was seen carrying pipes and sticks and some were talking about a gun. However, when the police arrived the caller became “uncooperative,” they said, and it was eventually determined that no crime had been committed and the group was told to disband. After they broke up, though, a witness said one of the youths was seen retrieving a back-pack containing a gun. The officers canvassed the area and found the suspect at Church Lane and East 87 Street with a 9mm machine pistol in his backpack. He was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

    After that arrest, plainclothes officers from the precinct’s Anti Crime Unit noted that some of the youths who had disbanded earlier had been joined by others and were “acting suspiciously” as they headed east, in a group, towards the northeastern section of Canarsie, police sources said. They stopped them and discovered two of the youths had knives. They were arrested on weapons and on disorderly conduct charges.

    After questioning the youths, it was discovered they were apparently part of a street gang from the East 80s and were on their way to the Breuke-len project to look for rival gang members.

    NYPD and Brooklyn South Gang Units were contacted and, according to authorities, deployed officers to the Breukelen project areas. Local officers joined with PSA1 Housing Police in patrolling all sections of the complex as well.

    The Gang Unit later received information that there was apparently a running dispute between the two neighborhoods stemming from a recent fight between two unidentified youths.

    Officials say that because of the quick action of police, further incidents were averted and the areas were relatively calm over last weekend and into this week.

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