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That Special Five-Minute Morning Lift-Off Can Make A Big Difference

(NAPSA)-Many parents are once again faced with the hurried “morning lift-off”- getting everyone out the door on time and perhaps squeezing in a few chores to make the evening landing a little less bumpy.

Time management expert, founder of MomCentral.com and mother of two, Stacy DeBroff offers moms clever, timesaving tips for the morning lift-off to ensure a smooth landing when the family reconvenes again in the evening after a busy work and school day.

“By spending five minutes in the morning completing some daily tasks, moms can have more time in the evenings to spend with their families and relax,” says DeBroff. She offers the following tips:

•Avoid the “snooze” button! Set your alarm to wake up a few minutes earlier so you can switch a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, pay a bill, or take care of other small household tasks that typically consume your evening time.

•Enlist some helping hands. Engage your children’s help with “morning lift-off.” For instance, assign them the chore of clearing the breakfast table and resetting it for dinner before school.

•Dress for success. If you work outside the home, lay out your casual after-work clothes before you leave the house in the morning for quick and easy comfort when you get home.

•Dust off the slow cooker. Slow cooking, first popular in the 1970s, is making a comeback for today’s time-starved families. There’s nothing like coming home after a jam-packed day and having a homemade meal waiting.

To save some time in the morning, try a slow cooker dinner kit, such as Betty Crocker’s Slow Cooker Helper kit.

Despite busy schedules, eating home-cooked meals as a family is essential according to American moms.

In a recent national survey of 600 moms ages 25 to 45, sixty percent said it’s important to eat a home-cooked meal every night of the week.

“Moms today are absolutely starved for more family time, making each moment with their families count,” says DeBroff.

“The dinner table is the perfect place for families to connect and catch up. Just a few minutes in the morning can help lay the groundwork for a relaxed and unrushed dinner.”

For more information about slow cooking and recipes, visit www.BettyCrocker.com.

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