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Local Pol Creates Fund For Caribbean Hurricane Victims

State Senator John L. Sampson announced this week the establishment of the John Sampson Hurricane Ivan Relief Fund. Hurricane Ivan rampaged through many of the Caribbean Islands and Florida over the past week, with a particular devastating effect on Grenada.

“On a daily basis we call Brooklyn a melting pot, a Diaspora for immigrants looking to enhance the futures of both themselves and their families. We speak of not forgetting where we came from. Well, we must not forget those nations which bore us when they are entrenched in a time of crisis such as Hurricane Ivan has brought on.

“Those Caribbean nations from which so many Brooklynites trace their roots and heritage do not have the luxury of a national emergency fund to lay the groundwork for recovery. While we know of the rich culture and traditions of the Caribbean, we are also all too aware of its lacking economic parallel, and it is our duty to assist our brethren in this time of recovery. As Americans, as immigrants, and as humanitarians it is our responsibility to come to their aid, as we must not forget our families and national neighbors in this most unfortunate time.”

‘“This fund will be dedicated to assisting the local NGO’s in their efforts to rebuild the lives of so many who have seen their worldly possessions turned under by mother nature. Many are in desperate need of the funds and materials to rebuild their homes, local schools, and places of business. It is up to us to come to the aid of all those who were effected by this natural disaster both in the Caribbean and in the portions of our own nation that were adversely affected.”

“In the days leading up to the disaster of Hurricane Ivan I heard many worry about the fortunes of their families and friends residing in harms way. Let us work together to convert those fears into tangible hope and dreams and let us support the victims of Hurricane Ivan achieve the quality of life they experienced prior to its rampant destruction. I look forward to our Brooklyn community coming together in support of the Hurricane victims, and I hope this fund can do its part in easing the recovery process.”

Individuals who wish to contribute to the John Sampson Hurricane Ivan Relief Fund can send donations to: John Sampson Hurricane Ivan Relief Fund, HSBC, 2001 Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn NY 11236, c/o Lystra Moore. If individuals wish to contribute items other than funds, such as clothing or supplies, please contact Ms. Carol Trim-Bagot at (347) 683-1291 or Nicola Marshall at (718) 753-4411 so that arrangements can be made.

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