2004-09-16 / Other News

11-Year-Old Girl’s Fingertips Blown Off

All of the fingertips on the left hand of an eleven-year-old Avenue J resident were blown off in an explosion when she attempted to light a stove to heat up a baby bottle Tuesday evening, police said.

According to a report filed at the 69th Precinct, the girl, whose name was not released, was attempting to light the stove with a match because the pilot light had gone out. Due to the extended period of time the pilot light was left on before the match was struck, the stove exploded, shattering the baby bottle and severing the girl’s fingertips.

She was taken to Bellevue Hos-pital in Manhattan by Emergency Medical Service ambulance.

The girl’s mother was in the house at the time. Police said the case appeared to be “just an unfortunate accident.”

Charles Rogers

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