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Q: The actor who plays Martin Fitzgerald on “Passions” looks so familiar to me. Was he on another soap before this? Catherine V.

A: Richard Steinmetz, the actor you’re referring to, portrayed Jeff Hartman on “Loving.”

* * *

Q: I’m so disappointed. A friend told me that David Boreanaz doesn’t want to do any “Angel” TV movies. How come? Lisa T.

A: It’s not that David doesn’t want to do any “Angel” movies at all. He just doesn’t want to do them for television. He prefers doing something for the big screen. I don’t foresee that happening where his “Angel” character is concerned. However, he recently completed filming “Mr. Fix-It,” in which he’s the title character. It’s set to be a big-screen release, but I don’t have a date yet.

* * *

Q: Growing up, I loved “The Hardy Boys Mysteries” on TV. My favorite was Shaun Cassidy, David’s half-brother. What’s he been up to these days? Linda K.

A: Shaun will be serving as executive producer for “The Mountain,” a drama debuting on the WB. Believe it or not, Shaun is now 45 years old. Previously, he produced “The Agen-cy” and “Cold Case.” As a kid, he reportedly hounded his mother, Shir-ley Jones, to let him appear on “The Partridge Family.” However, she preferred he concentrate on his studies. It was in 1977, after “The Partridge Family” was history, that Shaun got the role as Joe Hardy. He also cut a No. 1 hit single, “Da Doo Ron Ron.” In fact, he even had his very own lunchbox.

* * *

Q. I heard that the Miss America Pageant is going to be different this year. What exactly does that mean? Margaret D.

A: The difference this year is that there will be no talent competition, which I think is a pity. I always found it fascinating to see what else these lovely young ladies could do.

* * *

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