2004-09-03 / Other News

State Budget Assures More Aid For N.Y. City Schools

Assemblyman Frank Seddio an-nounced that the Assembly and Senate enacted a bipartisan state budget that provides New York schools with an additional $740.4 million this year, with New York City schools receiving $300 million more than they received last year, and $328 million more than the governor proposed in January.

“We’ve been fighting for a fair school funding formula that gives New York City schools the resources they need to educate our kids, and while this budget isn’t perfect, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has guaranteed that under the Assembly plan, not a single classroom will see cuts,” Sed-dio said. “More importantly, it says to the governor loud and clear that his budget made the wrong choices, and we won’t stand for them.”

This year, the governor wanted to cut state school aid by $369 million statewide, completely ignoring inflation, rising enrollments, and the need to help students meet higher standards. In the process, his budget would have dealt serious blows to school construction projects, disabled student services and teacher training programs, among others.

The school aid increase is the fourth-largest in state history.

“All along, the Assembly has said that education is our highest priority, and this budget deal demonstrates that. Our plan brings some real relief to New York City schools,” Seddio said. “I urge the governor to sign it into law immediately. The governor must also get serious about meeting the order of the state’s highest court in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) decision by getting behind a plan like the Assembly’s, which is the only plan proposed in Albany that meets all the court’s requirements.”

For more information on the As-sembly’s plan to address the CFE decision, visit: http://assembly.state.ny.us/comm/WAM/20040616/

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