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Father Kane To Leave Holy Family For Military Duty

By Jim Haver

Rev. Edward Kane, also a U.S. Army Reserve Colonel, will “probably” be headed for Iraq in the near future.         Charles Rogers
Rev. Edward Kane, also a U.S. Army Reserve Colonel, will “probably” be headed for Iraq in the near future. Charles Rogers

  • Rev. Edward Kane arrived at Holy Family Parish in June 1997 to serve as a parochial vicar, that is, to serve all the parishioners in tending to their spiritual needs.
  • And he has fulfilled his commitments to serve as an ordained priest in accordance with the will of Christ with great recognition. Next week, he will leave us for a time, to continue his military duty as an Army chaplain.

    While here, he has been of invaluable assistance to Elizabeth Matthew with her Religious Education Program, especially on Sundays at the 11:15 AM mass when, as the celebrant, he has directed his homilies to the formative minds of the young.

    When Fr. Kane arrived in the parish he had another uniform in his wardrobe, that of a U.S. soldier, having served active and in the reserve for 31 years and having risen to the military status of Colonel.

    For seven years, serving as part-time chaplain, Fr. Kane has answered the call to continue his military training by answering the calls for monthly, weekends and two-weeks military maneuvers. Whenever called, Father was there in full military regalia and a prayer book.

    As a chaplain, Fr. Kane has been a role model not just for moral support, but also as morale support, especially for the Catholic members of our Armed Forces. Chaplains are great to mitigate those fears of being stationed overseas.

    However, for Fr. Kane, stateside duty will be over for probably the next year and a half. He has been mobilized for active duty, most likely Iraq.

    Father Kane, our prayers are with you and for you.

    The following is Father Kane’s

    “Good Bye For A While”

    note to the parishioners of Holy Family:

    Dear Parishioners:

    I have been a priest for 26 1/2 years and a soldier (both active and reserve) for 38 years. During that time I have been, with the permission of the Bishop of Brooklyn, a part-time chaplain with the New York Army National Guard and now the U.S. Army Reserve.

    Our nation is in a time of great crisis and the need for Catholic Army Chaplains has never been greater. Next week I will be officially mobilized on active duty with my unit and we will deploy overseas, most probably to Iraq.

    I ask for your prayers during this upcoming year of my ministry to our soldiers. If plans follow true, I shall be back at Holy Family in about 14 months (however, I can be called for as much as 18 months).

    God bless you all! You will constantly be in my prayers.


    Father Edward Kane

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