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Care For Partial Denture

Some patients (and even some dentists) have said that the clasps of a removable partial denture can adversely affect the health of the abutment teeth (the end-teeth they clasp for retention). While it is true that the health of these teeth may begin to deteriorate, it is due to sloppy habit rather than the fact they are being used to retain the denture. It is vital to keep your bridge thoroughly clean. Try to keep it as shiny clean as when you got it, even if you have to use an ultrasonic cleaner. Clear clasps do not cause decay on clean teeth!

If you have been taught to use a “path of insertion”, please use it. Do not bite or force your denture into place. Should your predenture chewing habits cause difficulties for you, revise them.

If tartar has built up on your denture, it means that your daily cleaning habits need to be improved....If possible, brush and clean your denture after eating.

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Gary S. Rafal, D.D.S.

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