2004-09-03 / Letters/Opinion

Flagging Duty

Editor :

This is to ask why it is taking so long to replace the lanyards (ropes) on the flagpole at Canarsie High School, which has left it without a flag for several months that included Memorial Day, Ronald Reagan’s passing, Brooklyn Day and Flag Day on June 14.

The school supposedly uses an outside company that maintains flagpoles, but it has remained out of use since March.

It’s interesting that there is enough money to renovate the school’s athletic field (a million dollar contract), but there’s not enough interest in repairing a simple problem in order to fly our flag.

A copy of this will also be sent to the mayor’s office in case anyone there can solve the problem.

A Concerned Citizen

P.S. The condition of the US flag flying at Canarsie Circle is unacceptable. Perhaps a better quality flag can be purchased in the near future to replace the tattered one that was there Memorial Day and still remains. (Ed. note: The flag at the circle has been missing since Monday.)

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