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Hydrate To Avoid Heat-Related Illness

The human body is cooled naturally when heat escapes from the skin and sweat evaporates from the skin. Hot, sticky summertime weather, however, can overtax the body More...

Nutrition Q & A

American Institute for
Cancer Research
Nutrition Wise: Eating Before Exercising
American Institute for
Cancer Research

Q: How much will my blood cholesterol drop with a healthy diet? More...

Different Options for Filling the Gap in Medigap Insurance

Medigap insurance is well named because it fills what can be a very large gap. How large? In 2003, Medicare patients are liable for more than $30,000 for long hospital stays (anything ranging 60-150 days), plus all costs beyond 150 days. More...

Views On

Gary S. Rafal, D.D.S. More...

Nutrition Notes

American Institute for
Cancer Research
High-Fat Breakfasts: Not the Healthy Answer
Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN
American Institute for

Amidst the on-going interest in low-carbohydrate diets, high-fat sausage and bacon breakfasts have been making a comeback. Yet many fans don More...

Longer Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Infant Deaths

Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of death for infants in their first year of life, according to an analysis of data by scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. More...

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