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The following is a copy of a letter recently sent to President Bush

The following is a copy of a letter recently sent to President Bush: Seeking President’s Help Dear President Bush,

This is an urgent plea to you to prevent a grave injustice being foisted upon Canarsie by the Department of Youth and Community development overseeing community block grant federal funds designating Canarsie in Community Board 18 using Census Tracts 1098 and 992 in Community Board 16 (Brownsville) and Community Boards (East New York) to achieve 4000 households needed.

Enclosed is health facilities list including 26 group homes, half Catholic Diocese Homes, Homeless shelters, Adult Foster Homes, etc. that Community Board 18 and our elected officials have brought to Canarsie and the adjacent communities to prove concentration of poverty. The list is all Canarsie’s Health Facilities.

Canarsie proper is not a poverty zone. These facilities and overlapping Community Boards 16 and 5 present erroneous statistics. Census track 1034 is in Canarsie Beach Park where no one lives.

Please investigate this practice of taxation without representation using erroneous census statistics. If one Community Board has nothing to do with another Community Board, how is this being accepted? Community Boards 16 and 5 already are neighborhood development areas. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter. The truth is, we are not a poverty zone!

Thank you for your cooperation.

P.S. Don’t they have anything better to do than destroy our good name?


Mary Anne Sallustro

President, Canarsie South Civic Association

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