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PAL Kicks Off Fun-Filled Programs In Area Playgrounds

Jonathan Williams, 3, will be doing a lof of playing this summer under PAL supervision at Canarsie Park                              Neil S. FriedmanJonathan Williams, 3, will be doing a lof of playing this summer under PAL supervision at Canarsie Park Neil S. Friedman

The Police Athletic League (PAL) launched its 2004 Summer Playstreet Program in Brooklyn on Tuesday. Hundreds of PAL youngsters play traditional sidewalk games, develop their creativity through arts and crafts, choose books from a mobile reading library and make new friends throughout the summer.

PAL’s Summer Playstreet Program closes streets and utilizes other public areas, such as playgrounds and parks, throughout the city to provide children with safe, supervised places to enjoy outdoor summer activities. Playsites offer sports, arts, crafts, games, music and dance. Summer reading is encouraged by mobile reading teachers, making an assortment of books readily available to PAL youngsters.

This summer PAL is operating in over 210 neighborhoods, including 130 playsite programs, 13 day camps, 52 sports locations and 10 child care programs. Forty of these playsites are located in housing developments, funded by the New York City Housing Authority. Summer programs serve close to 40,000 children each summer.

Some local PAL playsites include: Canarsie Park playground at Seaview Avenue between East 92 and 93 streets; Paerdegat Park, Albany Avenue and Farragut Road; Fox Playground, East 52 Street and Ave. H; P.S. 114 Playground, Remsen Avenue at Glenwood Road; Spring Creek Playground, 1310 Pennsylvania Avenue in Spring Creek Towers, and Marine Park Playground at Fillmore Avenue and Stuart Street.

Playsites are full-day programs, open Monday through Friday. PAL’s summer program also in-cludes baseball and softball leagues for boys and girls, baseball rookie leagues, part-time police precinct programs, a youth summer employment program that has helped over 1,600 students find jobs each year and a series of fun-filled special events.

"PAL’s Playstreet Program has been a source of support, development, and inspiration for young people for 90 years," says Police Athletic League Executive Director John Ryan. "Year after year, the Playstreet Program strengthens and expands, continuing to provide a safe place for children to play in neighborhoods with little or no recreational outlets."

Founded in 1914, the Police Athletic League is the largest independent, non-profit youth organization in New York City that provides recreational, educational, cultural and social programs to more than 70,000 boys and girls annually. PAL is the official youth agency of the New York Police Depart-ment. For more information, you can contact the Police Athletic League at 1-212-477-9450.

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